Software by Katerina J. Kechris

  • MCMSeq (R package: B. Vestal, C. Moore) GitHub

    Bayesian hierarchical modeling of clustered and repeated measures RNA sequencing experiments. see Vestal et al., 2020

  • tidyMicro (R package: C. Carpenter) GitHub CRAN

    A pipeline for microbiome data analysis and visualization using the tidyverse in R. (in press BMC Bioinformatics)

  • SmCCNet (R package: J. Shi) CRAN GitHub

    Correlation analysis based method for discovering (quantitative) trait-specific multi-omics networks. see Shi et al., 2019

  • miR-MaGiC (Java/Snakemake pipeline: P. Russell) GitHub

    Pipeline for miRNA expression quantification from small RNA-seq see Russell et al., 2018

  • HeritSeq (R package: J. Shi, P. Rudra, B. Vestal, P. Russell) CRAN

    Calculate heritability of count based expression traits derived from high-throughput sequencing experiments. see Rudra, Wen, Vestal et al., 2017

  • Discordant (R package: C. Siska) Bioconductor GitHub

    Identify pairs of features that differentially correlate between phenotypic groups, with application to -omics data. see Siska et al., 2016 and Siska & Kechris, 2017.

  • multiMiR (R package: Y. Ru) Link to webserver GitHub Bioconductor

    Comprehensive collection of predicted and validated miRNA-target interactions and their associations with diseases and drugs. see Ru et al., 2014.

  • MSPrep (R package: M. McGrath, G. Hughes) Link to Bioconductor

    Post processing of LC/MS metabolomic data: Performs summarization of replicates, filtering, imputation, normalization, generates diagnostic plots and outputs final analytic datasets for downstream analysis. see Hughes et al., 2014.

  • lcmix (R package: D. Dvorkin) R-Forge

    Hierarchical mixture models for genomic data integration. see Dvorkin et al., 2013.

  • comb-p (Python code: B. Pedersen) GitHub

    Combining genome-wide p-values using a modified Stouffer-Liptak test corrected for spatial correlations. see Kechris et al., 2010 and Pedersen et al., 2012

  • SULDEX (ANSI C++ code) Link to SULDEX Software at Pollock Lab

    Simultaneously analyze binding dissociation constants for large repertoires of sequences based on high throughput sequencing. see Pollock et al., 2011

  • c-REDUCE (ANSI C code: assisted by D. Dvorkin) Available upon request

    c(onservation)-REDUCE: Extension of the REDUCE algorithm that incorporates conservation across multiple species to detect motifs that correlate with expression. see Kechris & Li, 2009

  • OR-MEME (ANSI C code: M. Richards) Available upon request

    OR-MEME (Order Restricted MEME): Detecting DNA regulatory motifs by constraining the order of information content. see van Zwet et al., 2005

  • TFEM (ANSI C code: M. Richards) Available upon request

    TFEM (Transcription Factor Expectation Maximization): Detecting DNA regulatory motifs by incorporating positional trends in information content. see Kechris et al., 2004