Active Grants

    Alcohol Research

  • Genome-wide Identification of miRNAs Associated with Alcoholism Endophenotypes

    Role: PI; NIH/NIAAA R01 AA021131 2013-2018

    The goals of this proposal are 1) to perform high-throughput miRNA brain expression profiling in a large panel of RI mice and 2) to identify miRNAs and respective target mRNA expressed in the brain associated with the predisposition to alcoholism endophenotypes.

    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

  • Metabolic Profiles of COPD Phenotypes

    Role: Sub-contract PI (Bowler, Petrache, Reisdorph); NIH/NHLBI P20 HL113445 2012-2017

    This proposal focuses on using the NHLBI sponsored COPDGene cohort for an integrated metabolomics-genomics-animal model approach to identify dysregulated pathways that explain why some smokers get COPD and emphysema while others do not.


  • Epigenetic Marks of In Utero Exposure to Gestational Diabetes

    Role: Multi-PI (Dabelea, Yang, Kechris); NIH/NIDDK R01 DK100340 2014-2017

    The overarching hypothesis of this proposal is that exposure to maternal GDM in utero will be associated with changes in DNA methylation patterns of key genes/pathways in the offspring and that these epigenetic changes will mediate the association between in utero exposure and childhood/adolescence adiposity-related outcomes.