Active Grants


  • Addressing Sparsity in Metabolomics Data Analysis

    Role: Multi-PI (Kechris, Ghosh); NIH/NCI U01 CA235488 2018-2022

    In metabolomics data, there is sparsity in individual metabolites due to a large percentage of missing data due to biological and technical reasons, and sparsity in connections between metabolites due to high collinearity and sparsely connected networks in metabolic pathways. We will develop methods and software that accounts for sparsity to maximize the potential of metabolomics data.

    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

  • Multi-omic Networks Associated with COPD progression in TOPMed Cohorts

    Role: Multi-PI (Kechris, Banaei-Kashani, Bowler, Lange); NIH/NHLBI R01 HL152735 2020-2024

    To help identify why only some smokers develop COPD, this proposal will integrate recently collected extensive molecular multi-omic profiles from three NHLBI cohorts to discover molecular networks that are important in both COPD diagnosis and progression.

  • Biomarker of Lung Disease in African Americans

    Role: Multi-PI (Bowler, Kechris); NIH/NHLBI R01 HL137995 2018-2022

    There are very few studies in COPD that address risk factors and molecular pathogenesis in African Americans. This proposal will use three existing NHLBI cohorts to identify blood signatures that can identify who will be at risk for developing smoking related lung disease in African Americans.